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Are you concerned about concealed leaks in your home? These types of plumbing leaks are cause for concern because they can wreak a lot of damage in very little time if not caught right away. Concealed leaks can happen anywhere in your home. They can occur behind the walls in your kitchen, within your ceiling from a faulty roof, and in bathrooms due to improperly installed fixtures. But one of the most common types of concealed leaks happens underneath your home’s foundation. These leaks are referred to as slab leaks and if ignored can create massive foundation and structural issues.

At My Canoga Park Plumber Hero, we work with some of the best contractors in the business to detect slab leaks quickly to prevent damage from spreading. Using the latest equipment and electronic leak detection methods, our certified plumbing specialists can find the most hidden leaks fast!

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Even if you think your home is relatively watertight with no issues it is always a good idea to consider hiring us to perform a routine inspection. Our leak detection services are precise and can find small problems that have the potential for turning into major disasters. Many of our customers include leak detection services as part of their overall plumbing maintenance to ensure that their pipes are always in pristine condition and their home is never compromised.

Signs of a Slab Leak

While most below ground leaks are masters at being undetected by unsuspecting homeowners, there are indicators that can signal something is quite as it should be below the surface of your home. One of the biggest indicators of a slab leak is an astronomical water bill. If you receive a monthly bill that is higher than your average bill and you haven’t used more water during the month to your knowledge, then you may have a below ground leak. Other indications of slab leaks include:

  • Rushing water beneath your flooring or in your walls
  • Warm spots on the floor (indicates a problem with the hot water line)
  • Newly formed cracks in your foundation walls and flooring
  • Puddles
  • Unexplained mold formation

If you think you have a slab leak, call us for unrivaled leak detection services in Canoga Park, California at outstanding prices!