When You Need Top-Rated Toilet Repair and Toilet Replacement in Canoga Park, CA, Call Your Local Heroes!

When routine plunging won’t do the trick, it’s time to call My Canoga Park Plumber Hero. We specialize in all types of toilet repair and toilet replacement in Canoga Park, CA. From a faulty fixture to your child’s favorite night-night blanket lodged in the toilet, we have a number of ways to assist you with toilet repair today. When you call for service, we’ll send one of our licensed plumbers to your home right away to evaluate the situation and get your toilets working again in no time at all.

At My Canoga Park Plumber Hero, we offer competitive rates for both emergency and standard plumbing service.

Need Leaky Toilet Repair? We Have Solutions!

Did you know that a toilet that is loose on its base can cause water damage to the ceiling below? Whether you have a second floor toilet or a toilet on your main floor that is loose it is important to have it looked at right away to prevent water damage.

Is your toilet secure, but leaking around the base? This is an indication that the toilet’s seal may be going bad. Instead of removing the toilet yourself to replace the seal why not make it easy and call for expert help. Our plumbers will remove the toilet, replace the seal, and reinstall the toilet in no time at all.

Are your water bills higher than normal? Is your toilet phantom flushing or have you noticed it running for long periods of time? This could signal that there is a leak inside your toilet’s tank. Broken or worn-out hardware is usually the culprit in a situation like this. If your toilet runs nonstop, call us and we’ll send a plumber to your home today to make immediate repairs.

Prevent Toilet Clogs in 3 Easy Steps

Indoor plumbing is supposed to make life convenient, but there is nothing convenient when your bathroom is out of order because of a clogged toilet.  If you’re tired of having to wait to use the restroom until you’re at work, or worse, you have to run to the gas station down the street to use the facilities, it’s time you learned a better way to use the toilets in your home.

You can prevent toilet repair when you follow these three simple rules:

  • Only use 1-ply or 2-ply toilet paper that is designed for your sewer or septic system. If you’re on a septic system, you need to use certain kinds of toilet paper. Most major toilet paper brands are safe for both kinds of systems, but read the back or front of the packaging to make sure.
  • Do not flush feminine hygiene items down the toilet. This includes paper or plastic applicators and wrappings. Dispose of these items into the trash can.
  • Purchase and install toilet locks if you have small children to prevent accidental flushing of toys and other objects.

Always Opt for Professional Toilet Repair

If you need to replace a toilet in your home, don’t go the DIY route. Opt for professional toilet replacement and toilet installation in Canoga Park, CA, instead. Our services are 100% guaranteed.

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