Garbage Disposal Repair in Canoga Park, CA

Is your garbage disposal not working properly? When you call My Canoga Plumber Hero, we’ll send a certified technician to your door to inspect the situation firsthand. Our plumbing contractors will take apart your disposal and check every part thoroughly to make sure it is fixed right the first. Many of the problems our contractors encounter are things such as damaged hoses, broken seals, and broken flywheels. Sometimes the problem may be a bad motor or a case of old age. Whatever the diagnosis is our customers know they can rely on our experts to provide them with quality workmanship and fast repairs.

Ways You Can Prevent Garbage Disposal Repairs

Many of the repairs our contractors make happen because of misuse. The garbage disposal in your home may seem relatively simple to operate because it is. You merely flip a switch and the disposal does all the work. However, you are responsible for making sure the right type of food waste is deposited in the disposal and that non-biodegradable material stays out.

A huge misconception about garbage disposals is that they can grind up anything under the sun. Residential disposals are not built in this manner. They are manufactured to handle light use, which means limiting the amount and types of food that are put into the disposal. For example, you can’t scrap leftovers off of seven dinner plates and try to dispose of this waste at one time. It would put too much strain on the motor and lead to break downs. It doesn’t matter if you have a batch feed or continuous feed disposal. It is still too much for the disposal to handle at one time.

Another assumption made by well-intentioned property owners is that garbage disposals should not be ran daily. When you don’t use your disposal on a daily basis, it can rust. Rust can lead to buildup in drain pipes that require drain cleaning and it can also prevent the propeller or flywheel from moving.

What to Do When You Need Repairs

We suggest calling our offices and speaking directly with a trained plumber. He or she will troubleshoot the issue over the phone and then schedule a time to inspect the problem in person. As a comprehensive, 24/7 plumbing service in Canoga Park, CA, we have plumbers on-call around the clock. Call right away for affordable garbage disposal repair or installation!